HyThere provides online digital spaces that build "weak-tie" relationships in hybrid work environments. HyThere is coming soon so follow along.

Weak-ties lead to strong companies

Unlike our every day strong-tie relationships, weak-ties are the internal work relationships we develop beyond our usual work routines. Healthy organizations cultivate an ideal mixture of strong + weak ties.Weak ties are all around us. It's the engineer who knows the marketer with the critical consumer insight. The finance expert who teams up with the product manager to improve cash flow. Or the store manager and designer who create a breakthrough new concept.However, the hybrid work model has an Achilles' Heel. It's that today's general purpose remote work technology doesn't help us build these all-important weak-ties.

There's a lot at risk for hybrid orgs

Hybrid companies who don't cultivate a good balance of strong and weak ties are already encountering hybrid's flaws. They're finding creativity inhibited and innovation dulled; growing worker isolation; multiple instances of duplicated and overlapping efforts across the company; and most critically that employees are losing out on the fun in a good day’s work.HyThere is the new platform for organizations committed to remote and hybrid work who recognize how weak-tie relationships are essential to creativity, innovation and breakthroughs.

Our beta is coming soon! Join below to follow along as HyThere comes to life.

HyThere's will be in beta soon. Join the list to track progress and be among the first to try it.

About Us

HyThere.co Founder Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy founded HyThere in May 2022 after two decades of leading online businesses for CustomInk, Target and OptumRx.Based in Minneapolis. You can connect with him on LinkedIn